Get Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

If you have just had new kitchen appliances installed, you’ll no doubt want to show them off to friends and family visiting over the Christmas. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on how to get your kitchen prepared for the festive season, so you can put your new kitchen to the test without any problems.

1) Check cupboards

Christmas is a time you need a lot of space in your cupboard, as you will be stocking it full of food. That’s why it is a good idea to clear away any products you haven’t used in a while and replace them with pantry ingredients you will need in time for Christmas.

As well as ingredients for main meals, don’t forget to stock up on cooking essentials like salt, herbs and oils.

And if you expect loved ones to pop by, always have a supply of nibbles, biscuits and chocolates ready to share when they arrive.

2) Clear counters

You need plenty of space to cook this season, so clear away clutter from your counter and hide it in a cupboard out of sight. You can always take appliances out as and when you need them, so they don’t end up taking up valuable food preparation room.

3) Disinfect bins

Your bins will certainly get a beating this Christmas, with plenty of wrapping paper, food waste and packaging being thrown away. That’s why it is a good idea to make sure they are in top condition before the holidays start.

Give them a good wash with soapy water and disinfect them to stop bacteria and germs from spreading.

4) Clean cooking appliances

Whether your appliances are new or not, it is wise to give them a good clean. Your microwave, oven and fridge will particularly get used a lot over the festive occasion, so to make sure they look their best and are still in a healthy condition after the holidays, it is wise to give them a thorough clean beforehand.