Have You Heard Of Terrazzo Before?


Now’s the time to look into up-and-coming interior design trends if you want to give your house a bit of a makeover this year, whether that’s by bringing in new Porcelanosa floor tiles or by adding in a garage extension.

One of the key trends that experts think will be big news in 2017 is terrazzo, a type of material that has chips of granite or marble set in the concrete and which has been polished to within an inch of its life in order to achieve a beautiful smooth surface.

It’s usually used on the floor but you can also create walls, panels and patios using the material, so it’s far more versatile than you might have originally thought. If you like the idea of hitting a trend but not being too obvious with your application of it, why don’t you use terrazzo on any walls you have in your garden rather than bringing it inside the house?

Terrazzo was actually seen making waves as early as October last year, with all sorts of online shops like Adairs using similar designs on cushions and throws. The technique originally came to the fore back in the 15th century, popularised by Venetian builders who found marble too expensive to use so they mixed in all the discarded chips of marble they could find with clay before polishing it to create a really decorative – not to mention hardwearing – surface.

If you want a minimalist take on the trend, why don’t you look out for home furnishings like crockery in a terrazzo design to see if you like it before going all out on the kitchen worktops or the floors of your home?