Colours To Take Centre Stage In 2017

If you’re planning to revamp your bathroom in 2017, you might want to consider the latest home decor trends before you start picking out your Porcelanosa tiles.

In an article for myAJC, head of creative at Farrow & Ball Charlie Cosby gave her top tips on what will be hot in interiors in 2017, and top of the list was vibrant colours.

She said that after the fashion runways replaced pastels and muted tones with brighter shades this year, we should expect to do the same in our homes.

However, Ms Cosby advised homeowners to think carefully before rushing out and buying the most vibrant paints available. She advises choosing a colour you already love, as you’re more likely to have items that match it and you won’t tire of it so quickly.

She also recommended starting your new decorating with the bathroom, as it can be a good way to test your love of vibrant colours.

“Choose a vivid hue for a small bathroom, cloakroom or even the inside of a cupboard – it’s a fantastic way to add unexpected colour,” Ms Cosby stated.

Alternatively, you could leave your walls in a neutral colour and instead select tiles with vivid accents that give the space a splash of colour without being overwhelming. Whatever you choose to do, her advice is to do it with confidence.

Another suggestion for an eye-catching bathroom came from the Wall Street Journal this month, with the publication suggesting that the bathroom is actually the perfect place to display pieces of art, because this room tends to be less cluttered than other areas of the home and allows the art to really stand out.