4 High-Tech Bathroom Gadgets To Buy Today

Investing in Systempool baths is just one of the many decisions you’ll have to make when redoing your bathroom this year, as you’re sure to already know. If you’re completely renovating the space, why don’t you think about buying some top-of-the-range gadgets to include in your bathroom as well? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Moxie showerhead

We love this idea for a gadget – who doesn’t love to sing in the shower? The showerhead comes with Bluetooth and a wireless speaker system so you can listen to up to seven hours of music or your favourite podcasts while you’re in the shower. Although seven hours is a very long shower indeed…

Seura Waterproof Hydra Television

Take soaking in the tub to the next level with this TV from Seura. A TV in the bathroom really is the height of luxury and your guests will be eternally jealous… as well as always inviting themselves around for a bath.

A warming drawer

Cold towels are horrible in winter but you can solve this problem easily by investing in a warming drawer like this one from Dacor. You can also have the cabinets designed so that they fit in with the rest of your bathroom décor. Perfect!

Crosswater Digital Duo

This is a cool two-way control system that means you can switch from your shower to your bath with the greatest of ease. There’s also a built-in memory so you can store your favourite settings (and so can two other members of your family), so you’re guaranteed the perfect bath or shower every time.

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