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Systempool Products Review

Systempool is a part of the Porcelanosa group and offers high end bath solutions to the customers. They also have a number of technical services of offer because of which you will always be able to get the best of their business. There are two popular products that this company had made. First is the Systempool showers and the second is Systempool hottubs. Below, we will be reviewing these products and checking out what all they have to offer to us.

Systempool showers

Systempool has three shower sets on offer- New Aqua, Essence Shower and Modul. With New Aqua, you get a tempered glass screen shower set that is an ideal fit for all modern minimalistic bathrooms. There is a tensor connected with a hand shower and a fixed shower as well. Overall, this product is a good build and has been known to be extremely lasting as well. Especially commendable is the glass quality which does not take precipitation too heavily and can be cleaned with ease.

The Essence Shower comes with KRION stone column and a front door. You will be getting rain shower effect in this kind of

Systempool showers which is nice. You get a cylindrical head shower along with thermostatic taps as well. Finally, there is the Modul shower which is a combination of the two. It comes with KRION stone as well as an 8 mm tempered glass screen. This shower set is very sleek and comes with very clean lines. Therefore, it can be used for small and large bathrooms alike. The three shower sets boast of quality as well as innovation which is certainly appreciated by the customers.

Systempool hottubs

The variety of Systempool hottubs is definitely enviable and the brand has made sure that it inculcates a sense of modern living in all its tubs as well. You can get anything from Victorian style to modern Swarovski styles here. The hottubs have been designed in an excellent manner and they also promise comfort and ease. There are many shapes and sizes of these tubs available to you. You can buy smaller Ecolite and Acure tubs for smaller bathrooms and the more fancy SP tubs for larger bathrooms. The quality , construction and the looks make for a killer trio. You will certainly be loving the products.

These were two of the best products that are on offer by Systempool. There is a lot that can be received by you on buying these products from Systempool. Make sure that you are making the most of them.

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