Will You Design Your Bathroom Like Trump Towers?

In just a few days Donald Trump will take over as one of the most influential leaders in the world and become president of the USA.

However, it isn’t just his controversial political views that the public knows him for, but his lavish taste in material belongings. Indeed, as a multi-billionaire, he isn’t afraid of splashing the cash and showing off his extravagant tastes.

So the question is: will the world be influenced by his design choices, as well as his socio-political points of view?

Most people associate the successful businessman-cum-politician with his famous Fifth Avenue apartment in the heart of Manhattan, sitting on top of his 68-storey Trump Towers. He designed the huge multi-storey penthouse to look like the Palace of Versailles, and it is filled with dazzling chandeliers, gold interiors, diamond features and marble walls.

It is thought that the colossal apartment would retail for $100 million (£80.6 million), which is a dip in the ocean for the entrepreneur.

You could add a bit of this luxurious design to your house by investing in marble tiles for your UK home. This creates a clean and timeless look, which is both modern and classic, and can be used in your living room just as well as your bathroom.

However, not all of Trump’s properties are this lavish – though, admittedly, many are – and his Trump Park Avenue tower penthouse is far more contemporary and clean-cut. It is thought this apartment is more of an investment opportunity than somewhere to live, not least because he already has properties in New York City.

To recreate the clinical look of this flat, you could get yourself Travertine tiles for your bathroom, which are very natural-looking.