How To Use Marble In Your Home Décor

Marble is going to have a bit of a moment in 2017, we predict here at Tile & Style, so if you’re thinking of doing some home renovations over the next 12 months why don’t you see how you can incorporate this delightfully classic material in your interiors? It might be easier than you think.

You could, for example, redo your bathroom and update the flooring with some beautiful UK marble tiles. Of course, if you do decide to use this material in this part of the house make sure you have non-slip fabrics in place near the bath, the sink, the shower and anywhere else you might potentially slip if there’s water on the floor.

Another good place to introduce marble at home is obviously the kitchen. The material works really well as a nice thick countertop, or you could give the space a bit of added interest by only doing your kitchen island in marble and then have butcher’s block, granite or something similar on your kitchen worktops instead.

Remember that marble is a highly sophisticated material so make sure that you take a good look at the rest of the room you’re keen to bring it into, as it may not fit with your existing décor – which means you may have a big redecorating job on your hands.

If you want to start off small with marble as a material at home, why don’t you just have your kitchen backsplash done using it and see whether you like it or if it’s not for you. And check out the Marble Institute website for info and advice on cleaning and caring for natural stone.